Some days earlier, i did an activity, as a part of a self-inflicted creativity challenge. As it can be seen, the activity was based upon creating alphabets out of material you chose. For an adult like me, it was possibly a creative vent. Then i realized, can’t something like this be used to aid children to learn alphabets in a very playful manner.

To the  core alphabets are symbols, which need to be created again and again in mind to get a hang on. We try to link them by real world objects [remember A for ‘apple’ ?]. That does serve as a mnemonic but only at a semantic level. It would actually be great if we could do something similar, graphical mnemonics maybe.

How about making a V with fingers. A small hand gesture, but isn’t it powerful indeed? Imagine the child making the same gesture when you ask him to show you how V looks. How hard would it be to translate it on paper now? We will not be able to take practice away, for it’s all about hand-eye co-ordination; but this will actually rid the cognitive load and will ease the task further.


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