Art class invaded: Session 2 – Salad Monsters

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An activity was planned in collaboration with Mufaddal, who is working on food experience. The activity was planned on the eve of Holi and was to hold the feel of the same. But due to lack of time, was shifted to the next week.

We prepared a list of vegetables and condiments to suit children. The vegetables were sliced, diced and grated. Three condiments were prepared. The same was moved to TC on the Sunday morning.

The kids were first of all introduced  to the festival of holi and the respective mythology. The session turned to be the initial icebreaker.

The activity required them to use plates as canvases and the salad vegetables as the color. They were to think about their fears – the so called “monsters”. The plan was to let them make their monsters, than to swap them with their friend’s, so as they can help each other eat their monsters off using the condiments. The activity went as planned except for the swapping part.

The different cut shapes were used as basic elements to create the monsters. Children made monsters inspired from their reservations and fears. Some had no clear idea of how their monsters looked, while some chose to discover the form in the process of making.

One girl in particular, ‘Reny’ was a point of interest. She chose to sit still and non-responsive to all the things happening around her. She had a very stiff body language, She didn’t speak, nor participate. She also showed a good amount of resistance whenever someone tried to talk or console her.

We tried to talk to her and played pranks to break her initial resistance. Positive sign was seen in the form of her body language relatively freed. She started to nodd, stole occasional glances at other kids and their works. To further motivate her, it was realized that the emphasis could not be laid on the task, for her atleast. So, for that matter, we introduced her to a digicam. After a short while, she was seen roaming across the room with volunteers and taking pictures of people.

The task ended with introducing condiments for kids to eat off their monsters, after being photographed. Kids showed a great affinity towards ketchup. Some preferred honey and tamarind sauce.

One particular kid showed her love for color purple through the selective use of “beetroot” as the only element in her canvas.


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  1. This seems great. I didn’t check your BTP earlier, now I can say you have done great work.

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