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February 19, 2011

Art class invaded : Session 1 – Rocket Launch

On the morning of 13th feb 2010, we decided to invade the weekly art class held in Technology Complex here at IIT Guwahati. We collected scrap cardboard from various hostels and started cutting them in 3 different sizes. The smaller sizes were to be used as units of material and the biggest pieces were supposed to be used to make large scale structures or to cut modified shapes.

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We moved all of the material to TC in front of children. Seeing something different happening they showed some excitement in asking what they were gonna do today.

The children consisted in 3 groups; 1st, 2nd and 3rd standard respectively.1st standard children were given the two small sized cardboard pieces along-with 2nd standard ones.Seniors were given some small pieces and many larger ones.The tools available were pencils, cutters and duct tapes. Use of colors was left optional. The session lasted for around 90 mins.

A little background information about the ongoing classes will be useful. The classes consist of basically 2D drawings and coloring.Students try to imitate what is drawn on the board as much as possible in their sketchbooks. Their excitement could be traced back to this.

Initial ideas kids had, concerned mainly box like objects. Any specific use didn’t really concern them.Buildings and rockets were the common ideas. A fix with 2D forms was also observed amongst many children, which can be traced back to being seasoned through these art classes held weekly.

The children working on 2d structures, finished fast and moved on to make larger objects, like 2D monsters or to 3D objects. Children were getting inspired by other children around them. This seemed to be a good example of how children learn things, while doing things in groups.

One specific case that i would like to bring in light, was one with a 1st standard girl. She sat in front of the blackboard carrying an imagery in chalk, supposed to be imitated and colored in her sketchbook. When she was introduced to the new materials, the kid, still silent, started to cry. Maybe she didn’t understand what to do; what i understood was that maybe she got very uncomfortable with new things and new people being introduced suddenly. She finally responded to the art teachers by saying that she only wanted to draw, and when permitted to do that, she engrossed herself in her drawing for the rest of the session, till her parents came to pick her up.

This one session also boosted up the interactivity. It was observed that 3rd standard students worked better in terms of teamwork, also they showed the tendency to think before doing. Some preferred to sketch before actually making anything.[Designers in the making???]

The variety in interests, personality, etc. were easily detectable. Some preferred doing everything [the jacks of all], some worked on whole piece of art the whole session [our own picasso], while some get into a frenzy of making as many things as possible in given time; some preferred simple box structures while some were meticulous for the geometry they chose.

All in all, the session ended mostly with smiles, and alot of requests to take their creations home, as trophies of hard work they put in for more than an hour. Some children learnt how to cut cardboard with cutter, some learnt to make 3D comes while some just had fun in putting themselves in a creative pursuit.