noun Japanese word, literally ‘improvement

The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen remains rooted to the core in even the most simplest form of nature. The instict to survive has always pushed the mortal beings beyond their capabilities, in the form of Evolution. This continuous process has given many gifts to many creatures. In this voyage we the Humans received Intelligence. A weapon to survive; sharper than any claw, it became the key to man’s so called conquer of  the world. 

Why i talk about this is beacuse the importance of this one entity seems to be lost somewhere amidst the pile of books that we as human-hard-disks grow up with. What i really mean through this can only be clearly put via followthrough of posts that will be written after this; one by one talking about the facts and experiments however small they would seem, will try to see how can the process of learning we follow should be rated and for better, could be evolved.

This is the initiation of the project called “Tinker-able”; i name it so because the crux of this project lies in an output that gives the freedom to do rather than imitating. The project will derive heavily from psychology but on no ground it will remain in the form of experiments.

Feel free to comment on the blog, share it if you find it interesting. Feedback is more than welcome.


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